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polly windham


From Road Touring to Basic Combat Training. 


Polly was Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. She started in the church choir, local tap dance lessons and performing in her first play by age 4. Her love and gifts of performing and music only grew, and by age 8 she was performing music theater and training vocal techniques. Over the next 10 years of practicing her craft she accepted a scholarship for a theater performance degree at WSU. At her second year of college she accepted a student exchange program at CSULA to study film production. 


Polly moved to L.A. at the age of 18 to continue her pursuit of the arts. This is where she met the band Jason and the Punknecks. The band nicknamed her Polly Punkneck and it stuck. After a year playing with the group in Hollywood they left to tour the country, which ended up as a 12 year non-stop tour across the country. During this time The Punknecks' released 5 records and Polly released 3 solo EPs “Hot, Cute & Country”, “Truth or Tales”, and “Razmataz”.


After 12 years of touring, Polly felt passionate about enlisting in the United States Army. She went straight from the road into Basic Training as well as training as an army vocalist at the Army School of Music. At this time she separated from The Punknecks. After training she began to advance her army career, moved to Tennessee and got back into the studio to work on her new solo project. This is where she shifted her name from Polly Punkneck to Polly Windham to represent her solo works. 


Currently, Polly is the vocal instructor for the military and has released her new album “American Daughter”.  She is also eager to re-release her Polly Punkneck EPs  in a full length album called “Road Warrior” under her new solo name Polly Windham.  

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